F-4B Liquid Oxygen Converter

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The liquid oxygen converter assembly shown here is a GCU-24/A, P/N 10C-0016-10 manufactured by Essex Cryogenics, Inc. The converter assembly is designed to store and convert liquid oxygen (LOX) into gaseous oxygen for the aircrew during flight.

Oxygen in its liquid state (approximately -297°F) is stored in a spherical assembly consisting of inner and outer shells separated by an annular space. (An annular space is evacuated to create a vacuum to prevent the transmittal of heat. The thermos bottle effect created retards heating and eventual conversion of LOX to gaseous oxygen. Valves, tubing, and fittings incorporated in the converter assembly convert LOX to gas and direct its flow at a controlled rate.

The type GCU-24/A Liquid Oxygen Converter Assembly (P/N 10C-0016-10) consists of a sphere assembly, buildup and vent valve, relief valve, pressure closing valve and associated tubing and fittings. A capacitance-type probe assembly, which sends an electrical signal to a liquid oxygen quantity gauge located in the aircraft, is incorporated within the sphere assembly. The quantity gauge indicates the amount of LOX, in liters, contained in the converter.