Schweizer LNS-1

Schweizer LNS-1
Registration Number: N53275
Display Status: On loan to the National Soaring Museum
Role: US Marine Corps Trainer
Owner: Robert Storck
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The Schweizer LNS-1 (or SGS 2-8) was a training glider developed during the Second World War to train new Army Air Corps, Navy and Marine Corps Pilots. Simply known as “The Schweizer Two-Place”, it was used by the Marine Corps at Page Field on Parris Island, South Carolina. The program started in January of 1942 and was designed to teach basic flying skills to young Marines before they learned to fly other types of aircraft. Unfortunately the program was not successful and was terminated in less than a year, chiefly due to the fact that it was made of aluminum and steel, which were considered precious metals. Schweizer, the manufacturer of this aircraft, was started here in Elmira and the plant was located on the nearby Elmira-Corning Regional Airport.