e-Learning Programs

e-Learning Programs
Grade Levels: 3-12
Purpose: Programs are for teachers to use as a supplement to normal lesson plans
Availabilty: Programs are for classes of 25-30 students and done during school hours
Classroom Prep: Most simulations require some classroom preparation before visiting


e-Learning programs from Wings of Eagles Discovery Center are provided in the form of e-Missions through our relationship with Challenger Learning Center in Wheeling, WV. An e-Mission is a simulated group activity in which students act as the response team to a crisis and video conference with Mission Control to make recommendations to end the situation without any loss of life. Students are assigned to teams where they work together to solve problems using their background knowledge in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The e-Missions cover a range of subjects and are available for grade levels 3-12. Some classroom preparation is necessary before classes participate in a mission.

Wings of Eagles e-learning programs are listed below