e-Missions – Moon, Mars & Beyond

e-Mission - Moon, Mars and Beyond
Grade Levels: 3-5
Length: 75-90 min
Learning Objective: To engage students in math & science in real world situations
Learning Standards: X-Y graphing, team problem solving, multiplication units, objects in the solar system.


The year is 2080 and NASA has bases on the Moon & Mars. Students are divided in 4 or 5 teams and within those teams are assigned to stations such as Navigation Specialist, Transmission Specialist, Cargo Specialist & Communication. It has been 5 days since a research vessel has been heard from – the student’s mission is to locate the vessel and rescue the crew. Students must work as a team to plot the coordinates of the missing vessel, figure out the supplies needed (oxygen, food, water, etc.) both for the rescue crew as well as for the missing astronauts. The communications team updates mission control.

    • e-Missions can be done as a field trip to Wings of Eagles Discovery Center or in a classroom setting