NXT Mindstorm Robotics

Grade Levels: 6-8
Length: 60-90 min
Learning Objective: Develop skills in team work, problem solving, communication and project management
Materials: NXT Robotics Kits, Laptop & Software (provided by Wings of Eagles)


Students learn to design, program and control fully-functional models and robots that carry out life-like automated tasks. Students begin by building a basic robot and then program it to do simple tasks such as follow a straight line and start and stop on a designated target. Then students are able to use their imagination to build other robots such as a shooter bot, alligator bot, etc. Students work in pairs to inspire teamwork. As students work their way through the curriculum they learn how math and science are applied to control robots while at the same time they learn to build, program, and troubleshoot their NXT mobile robots.

  • NXT Robotics Programs are available as:
    • Extended Day Programs
    • Summer Programs