Science On a Sphere

SOS Mars Landscape
Grade Levels: all ages
Display Status: On display


SoS at Aquarium of the Pacific

Wings of Eagles Discovery Center is proud to announce their new exhibit – Science On a Sphere – a high definition, digital exhibit from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The exhibit is part of a joint outreach project from Cornell University and the USDA. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand formally announced the plan to bring Science On a Sphere to Wings of Eagles in a letter stating that the exhibit, “will only add to the wonderful experience offered at this extraordinary center.”  Read More…

SoS at Aquarium of the Pacific

What Is Science On a Sphere?

As described on the NOAA website, Science On a Sphere is a giant animated globe where computers and video projectors display stunning visual animations from real planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere. Suspended from the ceiling, the animated sphere seems to float – making it look the way planets look to astronauts in space. NOAA developed Science On a Sphere to meet its educational program goals which are designed to increase public understanding of the environment. Science On a Sphere exhibits serve as an instrument to enhance informal educational programs in science centers, universities, and museums across the country and are seen by 33 million people every year. View a list of other Science On a Sphere locations around the world

How Can You Experience Science On a Sphere?

Science On a Sphere is on display to Discovery Center visitors during normal operating hours. The exhibit displays programs covering a range of topics including Astronomy, Renewable Energy, Population Growth, the Oceans, and real-time and historic Weather data local to our area. Continuing Wings of Eagles’ efforts in hands-on STEM education, we are also developing new educational programs that will allow students to interact with Science On a Sphere during our Saturday and Summer youth programs.