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Why Wings of Eagles Deserves Your Support

Wings of Eagles Discovery Center is a regional facility in central New York state that has grown from a traditional aviation and space museum to an educational center that combines our aviation and space technology history with formal and informal education and introduces and reinforces science, technology, engineering and math to Kindergarten through 12th graders using hands on education.

We are an accredited 501(c)(3) organization and we are located on a campus that includes dedicated classroom spaces along with over 40,000 square feet of display and interactive museum floor space. We actively seek volunteers, docents, educators and financial support to realize our capital improvement program, summer student scholarships, and extended day education programs.

Your financial support enables the Discovery Center to continue to impact the lives of rural, minority and female students with exposure, at a young age, to the possibilities of science and engineering careers as no other facility in the area currently can. For many of these young students such experiences can be life impacting starting them on careers in technology they may not have pursued otherwise. Because of a cadre of dedicated volunteers, 100% of all financial contributions go directly to serving our educational goals.